5 Top Tips for a Dog Friendly Designer Kitchen

7 April 2021

Do you often find yourself swept away by the daydream of a stunning, new kitchen? Just to have to pull yourself back to reality to deal with the muddy paw prints your lovely, but mischievous, dog has left all over your freshly washed tiles?  Discouraged, you decide your family is just too messy for a stylish new kitchen.

Here at Marshall Scott, we believe designer kitchens should be practical. So, we have put together our top tips for designing a kitchen with your fluffy canine friend in mind.


1. Incorporate a Dog Wash into Your Utility Room

The ultimate dog-friendly solution: a built-in shower designed specifically for your four-legged friend, right where they enter the house. You will never again have to face the ordeal of walking your mucky puppy through the house to the bathroom. Or clean the trail of mud they leave behind.

Built-in dog wash stations can be adapted to suit you and your dogs. You can choose to have it installed right next to the door, ready and waiting after you return from your walk. And you can position where it works best for your pups, to whatever size they need – over a kitchen sink works for a Terrier, but not so much for a Labrador! But don’t stop there – add a little shelf above to hold all your doggy shampoo and extra towels. And a few treats to keep them still.


2. Don’t Forget the Dog Bed When You Design

We are all guilty of spoiling our dogs with comfortable, fluffy beds (which they will destroy in minutes), that we then have to keep moving around the kitchen so that we can open our cupboards. How to keep you both happy? Simple: create a kitchen design with a designated spot for your dog. You could get really creative and incorporate an integrated dog bed into your kitchen island or add a little puppy pantry to your design. An open space, just for your dog’s bed, where they can settle down and watch you cook whilst keeping out of the way.


3. Consider Your Colour Palette

As enjoyable as a long, muddy walk can be with your furry friend at your side, there is nothing worse than contemplating the mess you will have to deal with when you get home. Do you dread letting your pup into the kitchen, knowing the whirlwind of mess that awaits when they shake their wet fur next to your white kitchen units? Our trusted customers have informed us that darker colours for your base units are a perfect solution for this. You can still incorporate beautiful contrasts with white or light grey in your wall units, although maybe not if you have a Great Dane!

4. Find the Perfect Flooring

The type of flooring is also key when it comes to designing a pet friendly kitchen. You want something that is easy to wipe clean, and that doesn’t send your dog flying and hurting themselves when they get the zoomies – letting them run round and round the kitchen island in a burst of puppy energy, without knocking the wine rack over. Get in touch with one of our specialists, to discuss what flooring would work best for you and your budget.


 5. Choose Your Door with Care

There is a world of beautiful doors for you to choose from, which can add the finishing touches to your dream design. At Marshall Scott, we strongly recommend opting for a matte paint if you have dogs. They are easier to wipe down and are less likely to show slobbery kiss marks – what’s not to love! If you pair a matte finish with a slab door, or a door with less grooves and details, it also offers the added bonus of easier cleaning.


Each member of the Marshall Scott team has a furry pal at home, so we know the struggle. We combine our love of animals and our passion for kitchens in our stylish designs that give you both the wow factor, and a practical and enjoyable space to cook in.

Give our designers a call or visit our showroom for a coffee and a chat. Together we can cook up your dream kitchen.

Images supplied by Wellman Photography

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